Our Quality Commitment

Knowing that Quality is essential in the sustainable long term development of a business, since its creation the SHEYLUS GROUP has carried out a continuous improvement policy.
This policy has allowed the company to acquire brand loyalty from its customers and to enter new markets.

Our commitment

Our quality policy main goals are:

  • Fulfill the expectations of our customers
  • Improve our performance, and ensure its continuous improvement.
  • Meet all food and environment regulatory and legal requirements.

Following this same logic of continuous improvement, the SHEYLUS GROUP is certified iFS, BRC, ISO9001, ISO14001, USDA ORGANIC, ECOCERT, STAR K.

It is progressively being integrated into the existing quality management system ISO 9001.
Our commitment for quality and environment requires a strong involvement of all staff, and is based on the following points:

  • To ensure a quality service based on continuous communication.
  • Quality improvement based on the needs of customers.
  • Minimizing the risk of any harm to the environment from our activities.

Quality : Our Number One Requirement

As a food company, the quality of SHEYLUS GROUP products has two essential considerations;

Direct feedback from our consumer tasting. SHEYLUS GROUP regularly evaluates test panel results, and also uses physical and chemical analyses carried out in laboratories and at its’ manufacturing locations.

Food Safety

We implement best practices, and use three key strong points:

  • A rigorous and selective procurement process, including preferred partnerships with suppliers;
  • Systematic analyses and checks at every stage of the production cycle; traceability is implemented from harvest to distribution;
  • Preventative maintenance of equipment.